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Covid-19 Update


Our order cutoff is currently 2PM for delivery the next day. We are not offering same day delivery at this time. We are having delivery delays and as order size and quantity has been heavy, coupled with a shortage of drivers we can only delivery so many orders in one day. Unfortunately some of our employees have decided they do not want to come to work at this time and as a result we are shorthanded and when trying to fill the excessively large orders we have been receiving. We will make every effort to get your order to you in a timely fashion, that said if you need your order urgently, picking it up at will call may be your best option.

We are seeing supply shortages from a number of our vendors and coupled with the increased order size we are starting to see out of stock situations on a number of items, we have no eta on when some of these items may come back into stock.

Thus far we have had one truck that has been the victim of a criminal act while making a delivery. We would ask that our customers ensure there are no people hanging around outside of your stores during this period as this is a problem we do not need and will jeopardize our ability to continue to deliver to your store. Our drivers have been advised not to make deliveries at accounts where people are hanging around in the parking lot of the store.

All will call orders must be called in 2 hours prior to pickup. We are not permitting anyone who is not an employee in our building at this time, so you will need to call our office when picking up your order. We will then bring the order out to your car.

We are operating on strict credit terms at this time. Do not purchase more product than you can pay for within your terms. Failure to pay your bills on time may jeopardize your future ability to buy on credit from The Keilson Dayton Co now and in the future.

Keilson Dayton Company, Dayton, Ohio

We are a locally owned and operated wholesale cigarette, tobacco, cigar, snack, candy, beverage, paper & plastic, grocery & sundry, and frozen food distributor that has been servicing the southwestern region of Ohio for over fifty years.

Our company is locally owned and operated and services a variety of customers including:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Specialty Tobacco Stores 
  • Drive Thrus
  • Drug Stores
  • Schools
  • Athletic League Concessions
  • Swimming Pool Concessions

Quality service, competitive pricing and a genuine interest in our customer's business are our main guidelines in serving our client's needs.  We feel it has been a successful formula for doing business over the years; both for us and for our customers.  If you are opening a new store we have over 60 years of combined experience in helping you get started.

Keilson Dayton is a member of the Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association (OWMA) as well as the American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA).